Up for Discussion Residential College Names

Names matter. The new residential colleges, slated to open in 2017, present an opportunity for Yale not just to expand its student body but also to announce its values and institutional priorities. Whose names will be forever spoken on this campus?

The naming of the colleges has received widespread attention, particularly as some have called for increased diversity among the individuals whose legacy we choose to honor. None of the existing 12 colleges are named after a woman or person of color.

Last week, University President Peter Salovey asked the Yale community to submit suggestions for names. To further this discussion, six students and professors have offered their suggestions on this page.

Bouchet College

Having a college named after Edward Bouchet would help minority students feel like they belong at Yale.

Buckley College

William F. Buckley’s legacy reminds us that, as Yalies, it is our duty to pave the roads we see fit, even if we find ourselves journeying them alone.

Cloud College

More than any other, Henry Roe Cloud understood the devastating legacies of forced assimilation and worked to overturn its pernicious effects.

Hopper College

BY HANNIA ZIA                
Grace Hopper trained and inspired generations of young computer scientists, both men and women.

Webster College

BY JAY GITLIN           
The choice of Noah Webster would re-emphasize Yale’s role in American history and culture.

Yung College

Because of the model Yung Wing offers for international education and cultural exchange, it would be fitting for Yale to name a college after him.